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Tips – A Gesture of Appreciation We Value, Yet Never Expect

New Tipping Legislation coming into effect


We always hold deep gratitude for our clients and the trust they place in us to deliver exceptional service. While tips are always appreciated and a heartfelt acknowledgment of our hard work, we want to emphasize that they are never expected.

Your satisfaction with our services is our foremost priority, and your loyalty alone is a testament to your confidence in us.

However, we do understand that leaving a gratuity on a card is the easiest way for you to do it, yet it does present accounting challenges for our team and our salon, especially with the new tipping laws coming into effect. Processing tips through cards often incurs additional fees and complexities that can impact the overall transaction.

Therefore, if you’re considering leaving a gratuity for one of our team members, we kindly ask that you consider doing so in cash.

Leaving a cash gratuity not only simplifies the accounting process but also ensures that your gesture of appreciation goes directly to the deserving individual who provided you with exceptional service.


This is just an option and to be clear – its never ever expected.

Thank You

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